Hot Wheels reveals radio controlled Batmobile from forthcoming movie The Batman

Hot Wheels has revealed its latest radio-controlled car, a 1/10 scale replica of the all-new Batmobile.
New documentary chronicles the evolution of the Batmobile

Documentary chronicles evolution of the Batmobile

The documentary, released by Warner Bros. on YouTube, chronicles iterations of the car from the early comics up to the blockbuster trilogy.
Christmas 2017 presents for car enthusiasts petrolheads gearheads

Best Christmas gifts for petrolheads 2017

Car enthusiasts come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Some enjoy tinkering with a trusty classic while others are still in short trousers...
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News: Image of new Batmobile released by frustrated...

The director of the next Batman movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has tweeted an image of the new Batmobile after images of the car taken...
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News: Batmobile gets a sharp new look for next film...

The Caped Crusader has traded in his Batmobile for a new model with looks that are sharp enough to kill.