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Volkswagen Up! review (2011-on)

The Up! is the most stylish of VW Group's trio of city cars, perfect for the urban cut and thrust, but not bad over longer journeys, either
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Peugeot 208 GTi Review (2013-on)

The 208 GTi is not a shy and retiring car. From its no-cost-option, lower-grille decals, to its rear spoiler, red brake callipers and all-important...
VW Polo review

Volkswagen Polo Mk 5 review (2009-2014)

The Polo is a small car that has all the quality and refinement you’d expect from larger, more expensive models
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First drive review: Alfa Romeo 4C (2013-on)

THE ALFA ROMEO 4C is the automotive equivalent of Black Sabbath’s latest album, a loud, thrilling and startling return to form for a 1970s institution...
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Mini Cooper Hatchback Mk 2 review (2006-2013)

The Mini is BMW’s smallest car but one of its biggest hits. Ever since the BMW Mini was launched in 2001, the factory has been struggling to churn...
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Jay Leno: Sand and deliver

Recently I was in Death Valley, California, strapped into the Mini that won this year’s Dakar Rally, blasting up the side of a sand dune the height...
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta review (2010-on)

The Giulietta is a car for those who are bored by the usual suspects from Audi, Ford and Volkswagen.
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Citroën C3 Picasso Mk 1 review (2013-on)

The C3 Picasso is for drivers who need a car that can accommodate three passengers (four at a pinch) and some of their luggage, at an affordable price
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A charmer, yes. Little, no

First drive review: Mini Cooper hatchback (2014)
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Renault Clio Mk 4 review (2013-on)

The fourth-generation Clio has gained a lot more swagger. Launched in 2013 and only available with five doors, it has bolder styling, better engines...
First drive review: 2012 Ferrari F12berlinetta

First drive review: Ferrari F12berlinetta

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is a car of many talents, one of the less obvious being a capacity to make its occupants yelp
Sunday Times Ferrari 458 review

Ferrari 458 Italia review (2010-on)

If you think it looks good, it’s even better to drive. The 458 is the most driver-focused mainstream Ferrari yet...