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Welcome to all-new Driving.co.uk from The Sunday Times, the best place to find your next used car.

Use our updated used car search engine to choose from thousands of quality second-hand and nearly-new cars, then read our expert reviews to make sure it’s the right model for you. Search the site according to the type of car you’re looking for (eg 4×4, estate, city car), the type of features you want (e.g. manual or auto), and more. And an innovative feature can even let you search by monthly finance repayments. Know how much you have to spend each month? We’ll show you the cars you can afford.

Discover all the latest news and stories from the world of motoring, and read its best writers including Jeremy Clarkson, the UK’s favourite motoring journalist.

And this is just the beginning – Driving.co.uk will be rolling out new features and adding hundreds more reviews over the coming weeks.

All-new Driving.co.uk: the best used cars; the best car writing.

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