Video: Mike Ryan draws circles with a Freightliner super-truck

To a frequent M25 driver there’ll be nothing unusual about this video.

Size Matters 2

TO A frequent M25 driver there’ll be nothing unusual about the video, below. After all, supersize trucks pulling all sorts of sudden lane-changing stunts and driving bumper-to-bumper are par for a day’s motoring on the highway from hell.

But when the truck in question is powered by a supercharged and turbocharged diesel engine with methanol injection, developing 2,400bhp and 5,000lb ft torque, and driven by Mike Ryan, who thrashed one just like it up the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, you’d be advised to suspend your righteous indignation, and hug the hard shoulder.

Except that Ryan is not driving his special Banks Castrol Freightliner super-truck to Clacket Lane services. He’s drifting and sliding it around Los Angeles’ busy  Long Beach docks in pursuit of, and occasionally being pursued by, a Ford Crown Victoria (the one on two wheels) and a Nissan 240SX coupé.

It’s called Size Matters 2. You can guess what the first film was called.


Size Matters 2