Video: Blind date with a Ford Mustang stunt driver results in wild Valentine’s ride

Never get into a car with a stranger

Ford Mustange speed dating prank

WHEN THE small talk on a blind date for Valentine’s Day begins to falter, it’s usually a sign that things aren’t going to go any further. But in this so-called “prank” video from Ford, when the conversation runs dry we see a young woman offer a series of men a ride home in a new Ford Mustang, at which point the blind date becomes one they’ll not forget in a hurry.

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It turns out their date is Prestin Persson, who is apparently a professional stunt driver.  She’s not “the type to do anything crazy”, she tells her dates, adding, “I don’t really know how to drive a stick [manual],” when they climb into the Mustang.

After a slow cruise to lull a succession of unsuspecting men into a false sense of security, Persson turns into an empty car park and proceeds to burn rubber.

The dates may be actors and the whole “prank” may have the feeling of being far from spontaneous, but the new Mustang does look a lot of fun – good news for British drivers who are thinking of buying one when it arrives in Britain later this year.