Trip to the beach results in a dip in the sea for Toyota Land Cruiser

A trip to the beach results in a dip in the Med

TOYOTA LAND Cruisers may be renowned for tackling whatever terrain they are faced with, but in the unlikely surroundings of the Costa del Sol it became clear that even one of the mightiest 4x4s of all has its limits.

Spain’s regional police responded to an incident near the Andalusian town of Manilva, after a Land Cruiser became stranded on a sandy beach and was enveloped by the sea. To the entertainment of onlookers, the tough Toyota had to be winched out of its watery resting place.

Judging by the vehicle’s condition, it doesn’t appear the off-roader had been submerged for too long.It’s unclear how or why the 4×4 found its way into the Mediterranean.

The Toyota isn’t the only vehicle to be retrieved from the sea as of late. Earlier this week, a tour bus had to be recovered from a beach in Australia, after the vehicle became stuck in the sand while trying to help recover a stranded sea plane.

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