Top 10 worst and safest drivers by profession

Caretakers have emerged as among the UK’s safest drivers according to new research, but mechanics are among the worst.

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CARETAKER BY name and care taker by driving style: caretakers have emerged as among the UK’s safest drivers according to new research. At the other extreme, they may be able to fix your car but you’d be wise to hesitate before accepting a lift with one: mechanics are among the worst.

The study, by 1st Central, a motor insurer, was based on more than 1m drivers and sheds new light on the link between driving standards and occupation.

Engineers topped the list of worst drivers, being involved in 125,000 accidents in the past 12 months. They were followed by mechanics and in third place, estate agents.

Surprisingly, given their reputation as careful and considered people, doctors, accountants and psychotherapists also featured among the UK’s top 10 worst drivers.

Meanwhile, their attention to detail possibly helped administrators to first place in the list of safest drivers. They were 15 times less likely than engineers to have an accident, being involved in just 4,500 of them. They were followed by painters who had just 5,200 accidents.

Perhaps rushing to beat the school bell, trailing them in ninth place were dinner ladies.


Top 10 worst drivers by profession

  1. Engineer
  2. Mechanic
  3. Estate agent
  4. Travel agent
  5. IT consultant
  6. Hospital worker (non-medical)
  7. Accountant
  8. Debt collector
  9. Hospital doctor
  10. Psychotherapist


 Top 10 safest drivers by profession

  1. Administrator
  2. Painter
  3. Farmer
  4. Fashion designer
  5. Carpet fitter
  6. Builder
  7. Cleaner
  8. Baker
  9. Dinner lady
  10. Caretaker


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