Products: John Z, the DeLorean and Me . . . tales from an insider, by Barrie Wills

Products: John Z, the DeLorean and Me . . . tales from...

Nobody has yet produced a musical based on the DeLorean saga, though the plot would be no more implausible than most operas
M25 book review

Products: M25 A Circular Tour of the London Orbital...

Like turning onto a slip road to join Britain’s busiest ring road, you approach Ray Hamilton’s “biography of the M25” with a feeling of trepidation
Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 review

Products: Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 review

Drivers who own an older car can’t fail to have spotted a trend in new models: the wheels are growing bigger
Car sun shade buying guide comparison test reviews

Products: Sun shade buying guide

Trust the Australians to crack it when it comes to designing an effective sunshade...
Saving Jaguar by John Egan book review

Products: Saving Jaguar, by John Egan

John Egan's account of what it was like to steer Jaguar through the 1980s reads like a cross between a business manual and a thriller...
Products: Pet safety harnesses for your car reviewed

Products: Pet safety harnesses for your car reviewed

Sit! Stay. Stay! Taking your dog in the car isn’t especially practical if it’s a saloon, sports car or convertible. So, as the Highway Code, drivers...
PetGear seat cover review

Products: PetGear Front Seat Cover review

If your pooch is as pampered as Simon Cowell and your car is as prized as an audience with Lady Gaga, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have...
Jaguar eau de toilette review

Products: Jaguar Signature of Excellence eau de parfum

For a fragrance that costs twice what you'd expect to pay for a high street eau de toilette, you'd expect more care to be taken over the positioning...
orbit g3 car seat review

Products: Orbit Baby G3 child seat and Isofix base

This child seat is a celebrity favourite, used by A-listers such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.
Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Driving has tested a lot of dashcams over the past year or so but the new Nextbase Duo is only the second we've been sent that includes a rear-facing...
Turtle wax ceramic wash review

Products: Turtle Wax ceramic wash review

Any car cleaning product that claims to give bodywork a “glistening shine” that lasts six weeks has to be worth putting on the cleaning mitt for
Autoglym leather care review

Products: Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect Complete...

It’s all too easy to take leather seats for granted. Increasingly popular in both small and large cars, it never complains when the studs of jeans...