PetGear seat cover review

Products: PetGear Front Seat Cover review

If your pooch is as pampered as Simon Cowell and your car is as prized as an audience with Lady Gaga, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have...
Jaguar eau de toilette review

Products: Jaguar Signature of Excellence eau de parfum

For a fragrance that costs twice what you'd expect to pay for a high street eau de toilette, you'd expect more care to be taken over the positioning...
orbit g3 car seat review

Products: Orbit Baby G3 child seat and Isofix base

This child seat is a celebrity favourite, used by A-listers such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.
Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Driving has tested a lot of dashcams over the past year or so but the new Nextbase Duo is only the second we've been sent that includes a rear-facing...
Turtle wax ceramic wash review

Products: Turtle Wax ceramic wash review

Any car cleaning product that claims to give bodywork a “glistening shine” that lasts six weeks has to be worth putting on the cleaning mitt for
Autoglym leather care review

Products: Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect Complete...

It’s all too easy to take leather seats for granted. Increasingly popular in both small and large cars, it never complains when the studs of jeans...
Simoniz insect and tar remover review

Products: Simoniz insect and tar remover and Halfords...

It’s summer, and that means insects. While a bug’s life is no fun when it ends in an unforgiving collision with a car’s bumper, bonnet or windscreen...
Garmin NuviCam review

Products: Garmin nüviCam sat nav and dash cam review

According to its maker, the new Garmin nüviCam is the ultimate all-in-one companion for drivers who need directions, want to avoid traffic jams...
Cybex car seat review

Products: Cybex Sirona group 1 car child seat review

Children are expensive but precious things. When babies reach 10kg or approximately one year of age, they grow out of their first car seat, known...
Disklok review

Products: Disklok steering wheel lock review

Since 2011, Driving has been highlighting the issue of hi-tech thieves defeating keyless car security systems. The problem is growing
Britax Advansafix review

Products: Britax Advansafix child seat review

The forward-facing Britax Advansafix offers amazing longevity and is suitable from around nine months to 12 years
Britax King II ATS review

Products: Britax King II ATS child seat review

The King II ATS is one of Britax’s top seats — and possibly the one Prince William will upgrade to at some point.