Black Friday tyre deals: what discounts to expect this winter

Black Friday tyre deals: what discounts to expect this winter

Save some cash on your next set of winter tyres

TYRES might not be the first product you think of shopping for come sale season, but Black Friday tyre deals are a great opportunity to grab a discount on one of the most expensive aspects of motoring.

Discounts on tyres are usually few and far between, and on Black Friday you shouldn’t expect to find eye-widening 40% or 50% discounts — however, even 15% or 20% off can make a huge difference on a full set of Pirelli or Bridgestone tyres, which can cost north of £500. Read on to find out what discounts to expect this year.

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When is Black Friday 2021?

Keen bargain hunters will know that Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving. That means that this year it is on November 26.

However, you’ll be able to find discounted tyres before the 26th; many retailers have already announced deals, and we’d expect plenty more to be unveiled in the days and weeks that precede Black Friday itself.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is on November 29 this year, three days after Black Friday. You can usually expect discounts to approach their best by this point in November, as retailers scramble to get rid of remaining stock.

However, this is a double-edged sword: many of the most popular products are likely to be sold out by the time Cyber Monday rolls around, especially if they’ve been on sale since early or mid-November.

Do tyres go on sale for Black Friday?

Slightly surprisingly, yes: a host of specialist automotive retailers hold Black Friday sales, including Kwik Fit, Black Circles and National. You’re unlikely to find the headline-grabbing discounts that you might find on products such as dash cams, pressure washers or tools, but if you’re buying a full set of tyres at a 10% or 20% discount, that can equate to a very decent saving.

What Black Friday tyre deals were available last year?

Kwik Fit

It’s not unusual to find 10% off codes at Kwik Fit – its bonfire night offer gave 10% off Continental tyres when buying a set of four, as well as an offer on Michelin tyres that gave customers 15% off a full set of tyres, with a free speaker thrown in for good measure.

However, last year it spoiled customers with a raft of discounts that included up to 15% off tyres, 10% off MOTs and car servicing, 30% off wiper blades and a massive 50% off air-con recharges.

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Last year National Tyres unveiled three discount codes: one entitling customers to 7.5% off premium tyres, which included brands such as Pirelli and Bridgestone; another that awarded 10% off mid-range tyres from brands including Avon and Sailun; and a final code that gave buyers 5% off all budget tyre brands.

It has already announced that it’ll be bringing the codes back for this year (although we’re not sure exactly when).

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Just Tyres

Last year Just Tyres published several tempting discounts, though its flagship deal offered a free winter kit (comprising things such as antifreeze and a scraping mitt) with every set of all-season tyres sold.

Other offers included a “buy three get one free” offer on Avon tyres, £12 off full sets of winter tyres, and £6 off each pair of Bridgestone tyres.

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Which retailers will have the best Black Friday tyre deals in 2021?

We wouldn’t expect any retailers to offer discounts over 15% or 20% this Black Friday, but that can still equate to a respectable saving if you’re looking at purchasing a full set of tyres. It’s also worth noting that many retailers hike up the discounts if you buy a full set rather than just a pair.

Of all the tyre retailers that take part in Black Friday, we’d expect Kwik Fit’s offers to be the best — you can already claim 15% off a set of Michelin tyres, and we’re only expecting deals to get more tempting the further we get into November.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy tyres?

Definitely — tyres aren’t something you tend to find discounted (by more than 5% or 10%, at least), so Black Friday could be the best time to make a decent saving. However, as all drivers will know, replacing tyres doesn’t often come at a time of your choosing.

Which are the best tyres to buy?

According to AutoExpress, which conducts in-depth tests on all sorts of car accessories including tyres, the best tyres to buy in 2021 are the Hanook Ventus S1 evo3.

The motoring magazine tested several aspects of a wide range of tyres, including their handling in both wet and dry conditions, cabin noise, price and fuel economy. It crowned the Hankook tyres as their winner due to an exceptional performance during wet testing — they stopped a car two metres shorter than the silver medallist, the Continental PremiumContact 6.

If you’re looking for a set of winter tyres, you might find our guide to the best sets handy.

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy tyres?

In a word, no — using tyres that are overworn is extremely dangerous, and can lead to fatal road accidents. The minimum tyre tread that is legal in the UK is 1.6mm, but it is recommended that you replace them when they reach 3mm.

If you are caught driving on tyres with a tread less than 1.6mm, you can be punished with three points on your licence and if illegal tyres are pointed to as the cause of an accident, the punishment can be much more serious.

In summary, Black Friday is a great time to preemptively buy a pair of tyres for the future, or replace a set that are wearing down to the 3mm mark, but you should always replace your tyres as soon as an expert recommends so.