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Geneva 2013: Honda Civic Tourer concept close to real...

Maybe as an antidote to the news from Geneva of a 300bhp Civic Type-R with a brief to be the fastest hot hatch around the Nürburgring, Honda has...
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Geneva 2013: Lamborghini Veneno finally breaks cover...

This is Lamborghini’s radical new hypercar — a machine that the company says is the most fearsome it has yet built. It costs £3.1m and is called...
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Geneva 2013: Porsche 911 GT3 unveiled, on sale now

Porsche’s new 911 range now boasts its wildest model yet: the new GT3 has 469bhp, can hit 196mph, and is the new king of giant rear wings
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The complete 2013 Geneva motor show (updates)

Once a year the peaceful streets of Geneva are invaded by some of the most powerful and exotic metal in the world
Top 10 female racing and rally drivers

Ten pioneering female race and rally drivers

The greatest women to have graced a race seat
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Early details on next generation Qashqai

Nissan’s new Qashqai is set to be a futuristic family-mobile when it is launched next year, with a new design based on its latest concept...

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News: Traffic police cuts make street racing easier...

There is a group of drivers who see something very different when they look through the windscreen. Motorways are test tracks, tunnels are exhaust...
Yiannimize: Inside the world of Yianni's celebrity car customisation

Video: Yianni's celebrity car customisation

You only have to open a gossip magazine to see the lengths that celebrities, sports stars and business people go to stand out from the crowd.
Top 10 Greatest movie car chases

The 10 best car chases in movie history

We nominate the greatest motorised pursuits committed to film
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Clarkson on: cars

Jeremy Clarkson's opinions may entertain or enrage you — but at least he's never dull. One of his more memorable observations was that...