News: Top Gear puts on a beret for French spin-off

’Ow ’ard can it be?

Top gear France launch Philippe lellouche, Bruce Jouanny

JEREMY CLARKSON once said that no one in France has a nice car because “France is essentially communist and anyone who displays outward signs of wealth is fearful that soon a mob will come and his head will be in a basket”.

However, it’s more than likely that the new French version of Top Gear will feature just as many exotic supercars being driven in a flamboyant fashion as the hugely popular British show it will emulate.

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In place of Clarkson, Hammond and May will be Philippe Lellouche, an actor and comedian, Bruce Jouanny, a former racing driver who has competed at Le Mans, and Yann Larret-Menezo, a men’s magazine editor who is also known as “Le Tone”. The identity of the French Stig has yet to be revealed.

Adam Waddell, the director of entertainment brands at BBC Worldwide, said: “Before you ask who is the Jeremy, who is the Richard and who is the James, I should explain that Bruce, Philippe and Yann all have their unique personalities. But like the UK hosts, they instantly clicked on screen and share the sense of fun that the show is known for.”

Top Gear France will hit TV screens in the spring. The team behind it says it will incorporate “the familiar features of the UK version along with the same humour and camaraderie between the three presenters”.

Top Gear is the world’s most widely watched factual programme, and the franchise has been sold to countries including Australia, South Korea and recently China.


Video for our French-speaking readers