News: Owners no longer traced when pet dog is killed on road

Budget cuts blamed for new rules

Owners no longer traced when pet dog is killed on road

PET OWNERS will no longer be informed if their dog has been killed on a main road, under new rules now being implemented. Until now, any dog found dead on a motorway or A-road has been examined by roads maintenance workers for identifying marks, such as a collar or a microchip, and the owners then traced and informed.

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The rule change means that dead dogs will be disposed of with no effort made to identify them.

The plans have been met with anger by campaigners, who say the authorities should have a responsibility to contact owners. Last week Jason McCartney, Conservative MP for Colne Valley in West Yorkshire, secured a debate in parliament on the matter, due to take place on March 2.

He said: “I know how distressing it can be for someone to lose a pet and it seems only right that we should do all we can to alleviate their pain and uncertainty by informing them as soon as possible.”

The Highways Agency blamed the change on government budget cuts:

“Our staff may still scan for a chip when an animal is found and will of course attempt to reunite the owner with the animal whenever possible,” it said. “However, in the current economic climate we must make tough decisions to make sure we spend taxpayers’ money in the best way.”

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