News: Bungling council workers introduce UK to the anti-clockwise roundabout

Locals joke about stealth introduction of “Dutch-style infrastructure”


Photo: Alexandra Pedaller

NO, THIS isn’t the result of new European legislation to get Brits driving on the right; it’s the inept work of north London’s Haringey Council or, more specifically, contractor Ringway Jacobs, which it employs to apply its road markings.

Following resurfacing, the arrows painted on this mini-roundabout at the junction of Oakfield Road with Stapleton Hall Road, Stroud Green mistakenly point drivers the wrong way around.

Locals were quick to spot the gaffe and yesterday (Monday) took to social media to mock the council.


“It appears @haringeycouncil are gradually phasing-in anti-clockwise roundabouts,” continued @davewalker, while @bigbluemeanie tweeted, “Haha! @haringeycouncil builds “Dutch-style” infrastructure.”

Richard Wilson, leader of Haringey’s Liberal Democrat opposition, told the Ham & High Broadway newspaper that the blunder shows the council is being run poorly. “This roundabout is a good metaphor for Haringey Council under Labour rule for the last 40 years – going round and round the wrong way,” he said.

“It is yet another example of Haringey’s inability to get the basics right. Getting the arrows the wrong way round on the roundabout is daft and worse than that it could lead to accidents. The council keeps making mistake after mistake and it is the taxpayer who is left to pick up the bill. It is not good enough.”

Haringey Council told Ham & High Broadway that the cost of rectifying the problem would be picked up by Ringway Jacobs, not the taxpayer. “[The mistake] will be rectified as soon as possible at their expense,” said a spokesperson.