Top 10 slowest-depreciating convertibles

British-built convertibles are now so highly regarded that some of them hold their value better than any other make save one model made by Porsche, according to new research.

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ONCE KNOWN for their leaky roofs and draughty interiors, British-built convertibles are now so highly regarded that some of them hold their value better than almost any other make, according to new research.

CAP, the car valuation experts, compared the depreciation (the proportion of its purchase price that a car loses over time) of all convertibles that were registered three years ago and and which had covered 60,000 miles. It found that seven of the top 10 slowest-depreciating models were built by famous UK names, Morgan and Lotus. Only German sports car maker Porsche claimed the remaining three places.

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Admittedly, Porsche beat the Brits to top spot. Its 911 Speedster special edition was the slowest-depreciating convertible over the past three years and 60,000 miles. According to CAP it is worth 65.2% of its list price (albeit representing a loss of £50,198).

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British cars then occupied the next seven places led by the Lotus 2-Eleven roadster. It is worth 64.3% of its new price after three years and 60,000 miles (a loss of £11,745). The highest-placed Morgan was the Roadster V6. It is worth 62.6%, putting it in third place. Morgan, based in Worcester and founded in 1910, accounted for four of the convertibles in the top 10, followed by Lotus and Porsche each with three.

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Porsche models, the 911 Carrera cabriolet special edition and the Boxster, occupied 9th and 10th places respectively. The 911 is worth 52% of its new price and the Boxster, 51.9%.

“Despite the unpredictability of the classic British summer, it seems that topless models built in frequently flooded Worcester and often drizzly Norfolk are reliably sunny cash savers for their owners,” said a spokesman for CAP.

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