Driver films himself speeding at 201mph

Driver films himself speeding at 201mph

Police label video “horrific”

POLICE have confirmed an investigation has been launched into a video of a man filming himself speeding at over 200mph.

The incident, which is thought to have taken place in Sussex, surfaced online yesterday. The video, which has the speedometer clearly in view, shows the driver accelerating from 65mph to 201 mph over the course of a minute.

Andy Cox, who is Detective Superintendent lead for fatal collision investigation and transport crime across London, and has previously spoken to about the increase in instances of extreme speeding during lockdown, replied to the video saying that he had “tasked some investigative work to see if we can identify the car involved and relevant location.” He later confirmed that information had been passed on to Sussex police.

He later commented on a similar instance in the same day, in which a driver filmed himself going over 180mph.

Cox told “We have seen two videos posted on social media which relate to two individuals driving at 200mph. These appalling reckless and selfish acts risk causing utter devastation for road users in the event of a crash.”

He continued: “We have helped research these matters and have passed relevant information to Sussex re one of the videos which relates to their force area and continue to research the other. We would if possible seek the most robust enforcement action possible.

“Speeding remains our biggest risk to road safety and our number one focus for traffic enforcement. Day and night, each and every day, roads policing officers are patrolling priority roads across London. I urge people to drive within the speed limit, stay safe and keep a clean licence. I thank the vast majority of lawful road users who are doing so and am pleased serious collisions have reduced when compared to 2019.”

The vehicle in the first instance has been identified as an Audi RS6, which had likely been modified to increase the top speed. The road has been identified as the M23. The driver weaves in and out of lanes, overtaking other cars with no regard for lane discipline.

Incidences of extreme speeding have increased during the lockdown, with less traffic on the roads. Last week in London, officers enforced 1,379 speeding offences, up a staggering 464% on the same week last year. 36 of the offences included a driver going over 100mph.

The same effect has been seen overseas. Preliminary data from the US shows a 14% increase in fatalities per distance driven compared with last year, despite nationwide quarantine and stay-at-home orders being in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

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