Clarkson: The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T drives me mad

"The GTC4Lusso's assault has gone up a gear"

OF THE many Ferraris that Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed over the years, the four-seater models tend to be given the harshest criticism.

Even when they impress, the Grand Tour host doesn’t always remember them fondly: the Ferrari FF that he “really liked” in 2011 was written off as being “terrible” and “rubbish” just six years later.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the V8-powered Ferrari GTC4Lusso T has been “driving [him] mad” in Clarkson’s latest review for the Sunday Times. But not necessarily for the reasons you may expect.

It’s not for returning foibles that annoyed JC when he tested the V12-powered GTC4Lusso in 2017. Even though, it seems, they still appear to bug him quite a lot; especially the myriad controls on the steering wheel. He writes: “It’s the silliest idea, putting buttons on the only bit of the car’s interior that moves, because it means nothing is ever where you left it.”

The sheer size of the GTC4 was also met with scorn in yesterday’s review. As well as making it tricky to park and drive down narrower roads, the Ferrari’s design also becomes harder to properly appreciate. Even though he could see the Lusso outside the window as he was writing his review, Clarkson claimed that “to see all of it, you need to be 30 miles away”.

Despite all of that and more, perhaps unsurprisingly Clarkson fell for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T. So much so, in fact, that he declared he “really would love to own this car.”

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