21 cars damaged as car park collapses in Texas

News crews caught the collapse on camera

THE MOST stressful part of parking in a multi-storey car park is usually the hunt for a free space. But in Irving, Texas, drivers got the fright of their lives after a concrete car park collapsed without notice.

The carnage was primarily caused when the first floor of the multi-storey gave way for a currently undetermined reason, on Tuesday (July 31).

Local news outlets captured on film the moment another part of the damaged structure gave way later that day.

In total, 21 cars were damaged in the car park collapse, with the vehicles on the ground floor obviously bearing most of the brunt in the tumble and being fit for little more than scrap.

Amazingly, the Irving Fire Department said there were no casualties as a result of the incident, as no one was in the vicinity of the car park as it came down.

Credit: Bonnie Flores via Storyful