News: 2 RUDE - blushing officials slap ban on risqué 64 plates


LICENTIOUS CAR park users and body artists will miss out on their perfect numberplates: after no doubt consulting their urban dictionaries, staff at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have banned registration plates that spell out modern risqué terms.

VA64 AZL (“vajazzle”) and DO64 GER (“dogger”) are two of more than 120 numberplates that have been censored ahead of the 64-plate change in September.

Deemed too rude or offensive by the DVLA’s propriety group, which decides what numberplates are allowed, the list of banned letter and number combinations also includes racial slurs and sexual terms.

The new registration is seen as particularly adaptable by imaginative spellers: “64” can be read as a single “G” or “A”, or as dozens of other combinations, including “GA”, “GH”, “GE” and “BA”.

Tennis umpires will be unable to pick several plates that allude to “balls”, including NO64 LLS (“no balls”) and OH64 LLS (“oh balls”). Individuals who want to boast about the size of their body parts will find that a variety of combinations beginning with HU64 (“huge”) are unavailable.

There are still thousands of witty plates to choose from, though: EN64 GED (“engaged”), RE64 TTA (“regatta”) and MC64 RRY (“McGarry”) are among the combinations highlighted by, which resells personalised registrations.

Fans of the Mr Boombastic reggae singer Shaggy (above ) will be disappointed, however: SH64 GGY has been withdrawn from sale.

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