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Vauxhall Vectra Mk2 review

Vauxhall Vectra Mk 2 review (2002-2010)

Was the Vectra as bad as Clarkson said? The simple answer is no. Rather, it was mediocre in every way, at a time when some rivals were so much better.
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Toyota Yaris Mk 2 review (2006-2011)

The Toyota Yaris is rated highly by owners who love its dependability and cute styling. Lots of safety kit also makes this a great first car, but...
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Aston Martin Virage and Virage Volante review (2011-12)

The Aston Martin Virage is a car with an identity crisis. Is it a DBS Lite, or a slightly more hardcore DB9?
Seat Altea (2004-2015)

Seat Altea review (2004-2015)

Stylish-looking and talented where it matters, the Seat Altea compact MPV is a versatile family vehicle, despite its age and low public profile.
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Volvo C70 review (2006-2013)

One of the better-looking four-seater coupé-cabriolets, the Volvo C70 is also well-equipped and comfortable - if not the most dynamic of drives.
Toyota Prius Mk 3 (2009-2016)

Toyota Prius Mk3 review (2009-2016)

The Toyota Prius is the world’s most popular hybrid car, and the vehicle that popularised petrol/electric tech in mainstream personal transport...
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Volkswagen Beetle Mk 1 review (2000-2012)

The Volkswagen Beetle is nothing less than a phenomenon, and one that you either love or hate.
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Mercedes-Benz CL-class (W221) review

The CL-class is effectively a two-door version of the S-class saloon with a coupe roofline. For decades the S-class has been a shining example of...
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BMW X5 E53 review (2000-2007)

For years BMW used the advertising slogan “The ultimate driving machine”, so when it introduced the X5, its first SUV, in 2000, many enthusiasts...
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BMW X3 E83 review (2004-2010)

After the massive success of its X5 SUV it was inevitable that BMW would try to repeat the trick with a smaller spin-off. Sure enough, in March 2004...
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Used car review: VW Golf Mk 5 (2004-2009)

The Mexicans had a name for the original VW Beetle: El Ombligo (belly button). The reference may seem obscure but it makes perfect sense, as everybody...
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Land Rover Freelander Mk1 review (1997 - 2006)

By the time the original Land Rover Freelander had gone out of production in 2006, it had become the Solihull marques all-time best seller, with more...