Points: Letters of the week, July 13

Points: Letters of the week

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Discomfort zone

In his review of the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, Jeremy Clarkson missed the point about the Suzuki SJ (“By Jimny, even hairdressers will give it the brush-off”, June 29). Yes, it was uncomfortable on the road, but so were Land Rovers of that era. The SJ was designed for off-road driving and at that it excelled. It may have been popular with hairdressers, but is that any worse than a school-run SUV?
Mike Dunaston, Reading, Berkshire

Smooth crossing

Angus Swanson (“Forward thinking”, Points, July 6) can rest assured that his proposal for ending congestion at the Dartford crossing will be enacted in October. All the barriers will be removed and a system of prepayment — as with the London congestion charge — will then be in operation.
David Kitchen, Sanderstead, London

Taking its toll

Your reader has obviously not heard of the DART-tag, a system that anyone can access to prepay tolls for the tunnel/bridge. This works very well, is online and saves users money — 67p a toll for car drivers. Plus, of course, you don’t need change once you have got your free device.
Chris Hackett, Boreham, Essex

Risqué assessment

When working in Fleet Street in the heady early 1970s I used to delight in seeing Fiona Richmond’s Jaguar E-type (along with gorgeous actress at the wheel) with the numberplate FU2 (“2 RUDE: blushing officials slap ban on risqué 64 plates”, News, June 29). That, no doubt, would upset a legion of people nowadays.
Jeremy Haworth, Reading

French toast

I travelled by car recently from West Sussex to Northumberland and back, and to Alsace in France and the Black Forest in Germany, and without hesitation the driving in France has been in my opinion the safest and most stress-free (“Selection process”, Points,
last week).

The motorway tolls are a pain, but they ensure that the roads are well maintained and are relatively free from traffic. The drivers are also more respectful and (within limitations) keep to the speed limits.
John Procter, Chichester, West Sussex

Joined-up thinking

The comment by Duncan Stewart regarding how to join a motorway shows that he is not conversant with rule 259 of the Highway Code (“Courtesy car”, Points, June 22). It states that if you are joining a motorway, you must give priority to those already on the route and that you must adjust your speed to fit safely into the traffic flow in the left-hand lane.
Gary Norman, Bristol

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