Car clinic: How can I keep the rear of my Vauxhall Astra clean?

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Q. My new diesel Vauxhall Astra is the first hatchback I have owned and I can’t believe how dirty it gets at the back — even assiduous use of the rear wiper does not shift the oily diesel deposits from the screen. How can I counter this problem? Perhaps one of those slatted plastic covers for the rear screen, as favoured by boy racers?

PN, Sheffield


A. The aerodynamics of a hatchback are different from those of a saloon because the abrupt cut-off at the back causes air passing over the vehicle to swirl around the rear of the car, creating a vortex that sucks airborne contaminants, including some of your own exhaust fumes, back towards the tailgate and rear screen.

Some cars suffer more than others — second-generation Volkswagen Golfs, for example, were renowned for it. (With a saloon, air tends to pass over the vehicle and flow away in a “teardrop” shape, which is why these cars rarely need a rear wiper.)

However, a good-quality screenwash added to the wiper reservoir should be able to cut through oily residues on the go. Try Comma Xstream screenwash concentrate (£1.50 for 250ml,

For driveway glass-cleaning try Black Diamond Quick Glass (£3.99 for 500ml, Remember to wipe down the rear numberplate too: if it’s unreadable you could receive a £60 fine.

The slatted plastic covers you refer to are known as rear-screen louvres. Their only real practical benefit is to inhibit the effect of strong sunlight on the interior, and they certainly don’t improve visibility. We wouldn’t advise investing in them. 

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