A pothole damaged my car's wheel and now I can't fit replacements. What can I do?

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Fiat 500 C replacement wheels

Q. Our Fiat 500C hit a pothole so bad that two wheels need replacing. I’ve had trouble fitting aftermarket wheels because of a pin sticking out on each hub. What can I do?
TC, Tunbridge Wells

A. The protrusion is a locating pin, designed to make it easier to position. It also prevents the fitment of any wheels not approved by Fiat. The pin can be removed but check with your insurer first. Be advised that non-standard replacements will make your car harder to sell or trade in.

So it’s best to fit Fiat-approved wheels, but first make a claim for the replacements. If the problem occurred on a main trunk road such as a motorway, dual carriageway or major A-road you’ll need to contact the Highways Agency. Other routes are the responsibility of the local council — find out which one at gov.uk/find-your-local-council. Many local authority websites now have a dedicated pothole section, sometimes with a damages form to complete.

Make sure you give the exact location of the pothole, the date and time of the incident and — if it’s safe to measure it — the size and depth of the hole, taking photos of it as well as of your damaged wheels.

Include a written quote from your Fiat dealer for the cost of replacing the two wheels and a statement from the garage as to why this action is required.

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