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Shell rolling out 800 EV chargers with Waitrose

Fuel giant Shell has signed a deal with Waitrose to install 800 electric car charging points at supermarkets by 2025. 
Shell shock: oil company embraces electric cars with new Shell Recharge charging points

Shell shock: oil company embraces electric cars

Shell, one of the world’s largest oil companies, is to introduce charging points for electric cars at service stations across Britain.
Jaguar and Shell let drivers pay for petrol from the comfort of their car

Drivers to pay for fuel from their car

What driver hasn’t wished they could pay for their fuel from the comfort of their car on a cold, rain-lashed winter’s day, or avoid a long queue

Reader Letters: Keyless capers and tax bombshells

"Is there anyone who finds keyless cars useful?" and other questions in this week's post bag.
The Stig blows up a caravan on Top Gear

And on that bombshell . . . the organisations delighted...

Top Gear is no more. Or at least Top Gear as we know and love it is no more. The eighth and final episode of series 22 aired last Sunday, and in the...
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News: Shell allows drivers to pay for fuel by smartphone

Drivers have long been told not to use their phone at a petrol station, but in an apparent about-turn Shell is positively encouraging it, by introducing...
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News: Lego ends Shell toy cars deal after environmental...

Lego models of Ferrari road and racing cars exclusive to Shell fuel stations could become as valuable as the real things after the Danish toy company...
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A word in your shell-like: Arthur Daley is selling...

The most famous of Arthur Daley's cars in the TV series Minder has been offered for auction with a five-figure reserve.
2021 Kia EV6

Kia EV6 review 2021

The Kia EV6 is a brilliant electric crossover with a daring new design - Dave Humphreys tries it out for size.
Porsche 3D-print bodyform full bucket seat

Porsche launches 3D-printed bucket seat

Porsche has launched a new 3D-printed bucket seat, parts of which can be adapted during construction to individual driver requirements.
Toyota Mirai fuel-cell powered RC car

Toyota shows mini RC Mirai

Toyota has revealed what is believed to be the UK’s first hydrogen-powered radio-controlled (RC) car.
2021 BMW iX review by Shane O'Donoghue for Sunday Times

BMW iX review 2021

The new BMW iX is grabbing attention with its divisive looks, but is it a good electric SUV?