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Watch the Hoonigans cut a Volvo estate in half and pull wheelies

Watch the Hoonigans pull stoppies in a Volvo

Volvo estates are usually spotted carrying Labradors or pulling caravans but after the team at The Hoonigans get their hands - and angle grinders
Watch the Hoonigan team get huge air in a 1991 Ford Bronco 'prerunner'

Watch the Hoonigan team get huge air in a Bronco

Talk about buckin' Broncos: this modified example of the Ford SUV has been filmed launching off a "double-stacked" ramp at the HQ of the Hoonigan
Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 and RS 002

Block hoons 700bhp one-off Audi

Ken Block has released a new video where he gets to drive the one-off Audi RS 002, a secret rally prototype developed in the 1980s.
Ken Block Hoonigan Climbkhana Ford F-150 Hoonitruck Tianmen Mountain Road

The 10 best Ken Block gymkhana films ranked

Ken Block: a man responsible for burning more rubber than the Springfield Tire Yard & generating many times more YouTube hits than Keyboard Cat.

Video: Ken Block takes on electric Extreme E car

The new Extreme E series' purpose-built electric racing car has endured its toughest test yet: the fearsome Dakar Rally cross country rally raid.
Ken Block Hoonigan Climbkhana Ford F-150 Hoonitruck Tianmen Mountain Road

Video: Watch Ken Block hoon up Heaven's Gate

Ken Block has returned to his stunt driving roots, by taking on one of the world's toughest mountain roads in a 901bhp Ford pick-up truck.
Jeremy Clarkson's, Richard Hammond's and James May's best Top Gear and Grand Tour moments

Clarkson, Hammond and May's best moments

Don't worry about The Grand Tour ditching the tent in Season 4: some of Clarkson's, Hammond's and May's best work was filmed outside the studio.

Surrounded by £1.3m-worth of police cars, Ken Block...

The venue for Ken Block's latest film is Dubai, where sand and camels make a piquant contrast with the skyscrapers and superyachts
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First Drive review: 2016 Ford Focus RS

The Drift mode in the latest RS gives a new meaning to ‘taking it for a spin’, says Giles Smith. Orange-and-white plastic, say your prayers
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Crash, bang, wallop: riding with Ken Block in the 845bhp...

Ken Block is the man who rolled a Reliant Robin at the first — yes, the first — corner of the Top Gear test track in 2010. So imagine my concern...
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Lights, camera, action! Ford announces documentary...

Legend has it owners of Ford's high-performance RS cars are an obsessive bunch. Some have tattoos to prove their loyalty; others prefer ...
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Real Roush Mustang muscle car v Oculus Rift virtual...

Is this the ultimate driving experience? Castrol Edge has combined the best of real-world racing technology with virtual-reality trickery to create...