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Merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler could spell end for Chrysler car brand

PSA-Fiat Chrysler merger could end Chrysler

The Chrysler car brand may be in jeopardy after a merger of its parent company Fiat Chrysler (FCA) with the PSA Group.
Coronavirus: Fiat Chrysler seeks £5.6bn government-backed loan

Covid-19: FCA seeks £5.6bn government-backed loan

FCA Group is seeking a €6.3bn (£5.6bn) loan, backed by the Italian government, to bolster its finances during the coronavirus crisis.
After VW dieselgate, Fiat Chrysler accused of rigging emissions by EPA

Fiat accused of rigging emissions

More than 4,000 Jeep owners in the UK have been dragged into the emissions cheating scandal as the US environment watchdog levels charges...
The new Fiat 500 has gained all of the gadgets and lost none of the character

The new Fiat 500 plays a melody to pedestrians

The new Fiat 500 is pure-electric but still aims to be a fashion icon, with a pebble key fob and designer editions. It also plays a melody.

Fiat and Peugeot considering merger

The owners of Fiat and Peugeot have made the surprise announcement they're looking into joining forces as one, giant car company.

Fiat Panda scores zero stars in crash test

The Fiat Panda Panda has been awarded one of the worst scores in Euro NCAP crash test history, with a zero-star safety rating.

Fiat workers protest protest £99m Ronaldo signing

Fiat workers are striking in response to the Juventus football team (co-owned by a large Fiat investor) signing Christiano Ronaldo for £99m.
Fiat Punto Euro NCAP zero star crash test safety issues

Fiat Punto: Euro NCAP’s first ever zero star car

European vehicle safety organisation Euro NCAP has issued its first ever rating of zero stars in its latest round of crash tests.
France launches inquiry into Fiat over diesel emissions

France launches inquiry into Fiat over diesel

The diesel emissions scandal widened as French prosecutors announced the opening of a criminal inquiry into allegations that Fiat Chrysler...
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News: Chrysler axed in the UK

It's a car brand beloved of many Americans but from today Chryslers will not be available to buy in Britain and within two years the company will...
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The Clarkson review: Chrysler Ypsilon (2012)

Many years ago I saw a magnificently idiotic film in which Sylvester Stallone played the part of a tough cop who was cryonically frozen for a crime...
Chrysler Delta (2011-2014)

Chrysler Delta review (2011-2014)

Many of Chrysler's past products have been notable for their abundant interior space and subtle elegance, and the Delta fits both bills very well...