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News: Twins caught speeding on same day by same camera

By John Evans Published 08 August 2014

Speeding | Speed camera

Twins caught speeding

IT'S SOMETIMES said that twins have a psychic connection, and if the experience of two twin brothers is anything to go by, there may be something in the idea.

Dave and Paul Dooley (58), both retired army driving instructors, were caught speeding within hours of each other by the same camera on the same stretch of road. It is the second time in 15 years that the twins were clocked on the same day.

The brothers were driving on Winwick Road in Warrington, Cheshire, when they were flashed travelling at 35mph on a road with a 30mph limit. Both thought it was a 40mph stretch of road.

They were each fined £100 and given three penalty points.

Paul Dooley said: “There’s a tiny 30mph sign next to the wall on the left side which you can only see when you approach the camera. But 200 yards after the camera, there are two normal large 40mph signs on both sides of the carriageway.”

The council denied the signs were not clearly visible.

A spokesman said: “The signage related to the speed limit and speed enforcement camera on Winwick Road is correct and in a prominent location.”

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