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The questions drivers most often ask, answered by experts

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Driving Green: Homepage

It used to be so simple. When buying a car you’d select the body style you wanted, along with the colour and spec. Of course there was also the fuel type ...

Driving Green: Are electric cars expensive to insure?

When you buy car insurance, two key factors determine your premium: the type of car and your personal circumstances. So it's not just how safe the car is in a crash, how secure it is from thieves and

Driving Green: Top five electric cars

It's not that long since there weren’t five electric cars to choose from – and certainly not five genuinely decent models worth investing your own hard-earned cash...

Driving Green: What are biofuels?

All fuels are a cocktail of chemicals. Creating the perfect fuel is always a compromise as there are so many demands to be accommodated...

Driving Green: Are pure-electric cars suitable?

There's a lot of suspicion around pure-electric vehicles (EVs), and for many car buyers they’re not the answer – but they’re suitable for a lot more of us than you might think...

Driving Green: Nine tips for eco-driving

You don’t have to have a new car or one with green tech to cut your fuel bills. Whatever you drive, a few simple steps will help cut fuel use – and your bills in the process...

Driving Green: What is a "green" car?

What constitutes a green car isn’t as cut and dried as you might think. While for many, CO2 emissions are at the heart of what makes a car green...

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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone makes a beeline for the seaside of DIY stores when it’s a bank holiday. Thousands of drivers descend on car dealers…