Where can I find the custom numberplate I want?

Q. I would like to acquire a very specific numberplate but I can't find it at present

Is there an upper age limit for hire cars?

I’ve heard stories of older people being stranded in France because car hire firms will not issue vehicles to the over-75s

How can I trace the ownership of a classic car?

Q. My grandfather bought a Bentley from Jack Barclay in Berkeley Square, central London, in the 1950s. I believe he also sold it through the dealer. I would love to know what happened to the car

What do you need to know before buying a used electric car?

At the end of 2014, Nissan claimed that most Leaf drivers wouldn’t ever go back to an ICE (internal combustion engine) car

How can I make sure I have found the perfect driving position?

Back trouble is almost up there with the common cold, afflicting four out of five people. But there’s worse news for drivers; according to the British Chiropractor Association

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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone makes a beeline for the seaside of DIY stores when it’s a bank holiday. Thousands of drivers descend on car dealers…

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If you're hiring a car, either in the UK or abroad, or drive for a living you'll need to know about these important changes to driving licences.

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So you want to buy a car, but where do you start? Before you even get to the dealer’s forecourt to do battle with the shiny-suited, silver-tongued salesman — or saleswoman...

How do you set up an Isofix child seat, and how important is it?

Road safety organisations, engineers and parents all agree: Isofix is the safest way to install a child seat in a car. The mounting system, which uses robust anchorage points in a car for a child seat

Car insurance for young drivers: how do you get the best deal?

Hefty premiums can deter youngsters from getting on the road and costs are only likely to rise this year, but Emma Smith has some tips on how to ease the pain...

How to drive in high winds

It may be a dream front page for some of our tabloid newspaper friends but high winds are no cause for celebration if you're out on the road. Changes in wind speed can affect your driving and especial

What young driver courses are there for children aged 8 and up?

Young car fans don’t need a provisional licence to roar round a track or try parallel parking. Driving finds races and lessons for children aged 8-plus.

Top 10 ways to avoid stress on your driving test

Each day in the UK, around 6,000 people take their driving test. For most, it's a stressful time...

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At driving.co.uk we want to make your search for the perfect used car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Follow our simple guidelines to stay out of trouble when buying online.

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