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      The questions drivers most often ask, answered by experts

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      How can I trace the ownership of a classic car?

      Q. My grandfather bought a Bentley from Jack Barclay in Berkeley Square, central London, in the 1950s. I believe he also sold it through the dealer. I would love to know what happened to the car

      Buying a new or used car? Start here

      Contrary to popular belief, not everyone makes a beeline for the seaside of DIY stores when it’s a bank holiday. Thousands of drivers descend on car dealers…

      Top 10 ways to avoid stress when driving

      Maybe you're being tailgated too closely. Perhaps you're arguing with a stranger over a parking space. Or you're stuck in traffic on the way to a friend’s wedding. With so many sources of frustration

      Three essential tips before buying a car

      So you want to buy a car, but where do you start? Before you even get to the dealer’s forecourt to do battle with the shiny-suited, silver-tongued salesman — or saleswoman...

      How to drive in high winds

      It may be a dream front page for some of our tabloid newspaper friends but high winds are no cause for celebration if you're out on the road. Changes in wind speed can affect your driving and especial

      How can you be sure to buy a used car safely?

      At we want to make your search for the perfect used car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Follow our simple guidelines to stay out of trouble when buying online.

      What's the best way to pay for my car?

      Walking into a showroom and pulling out a wad of fifties isn’t always a feasible – or safe – way to buy a car. Here are the more sensible payment methods.